Empowering Futures with RMF Training

After a recent visit to our Houndsfield Lane training grounds, Kathline George from The Prince’s Trust developed a case study for her personal files that offers a unique perspective on our mission. This is what she had to say.


RMF Training is a shining example of an organisation dedicated to empowering individuals interested in construction careers. Through my recent visit to their site on April 9th, I had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the remarkable work they do and the positive impact they have on their trainees.

Exceptional Hospitality:

From the moment I arrived, RMF Training’s hospitality was exemplary. Despite the rainy weather, they went above and beyond to ensure my comfort, picking me up halfway to prevent me from getting too wet and providing boots for the site visit. This level of accommodation immediately set the tone for a memorable experience.

Dedication to Excellence:

During my time at RMF Training, I was truly impressed by the dedication and efficiency with which they deliver their programs. From hands-on experience with machinery to insightful conversations with trainees, every aspect of their training is executed with precision and care.

Supportive Environment:

One of the most remarkable aspects of RMF Training is the supportive environment they foster. Despite the inherent challenges of working with heavy machinery, they provided reassurance, support and humor to ease my nerves, ensuring a positive and empowering experience for myself.

Impactful Results:

Through conversations with trainees, I gained valuable insights into the importance and effectiveness of RMF Training’s programs. Not only do they provide valuable skills and qualifications, but they also actively support trainees in finding employment opportunities, ensuring that no qualification goes unused.

Future Collaborations:

As I reflect on my experience with RMF Training, I am inspired by the possibility of collaboration between RMF Training and The Prince’s Trust. Together, we could expand their reach and impact, bringing more women into the construction industry and opening doors to new opportunities for all.


In conclusion, my visit to RMF Training was nothing short of extraordinary. Their commitment to excellence, supportive approach, and tangible results make them a beacon of hope for individuals seeking to build successful careers in construction. Thank you, RMF Training, for an unforgettable experience and for your dedication to empowering futures.

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