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James Humble’s story is a powerful example of overcoming age-related unemployment barriers and rediscovering professional fulfilment. Working on the £35 million Farringdon Community Academy project for BAM, James’s journey from unemployment to a rewarding career as a Traffic Marshal is an inspiring tale of resilience and opportunity. 

The Challenge 

Before coming to RMF, James faced the harsh reality of unemployment. Like many in his position, he believed his age would prevent him from rejoining the construction industry. This prevalent issue of age-related unemployment left him feeling like the doors to a stable career were firmly shut. However, his perspective changed when he found and enrolled in RMF Training. 

Professional Revival

Soon after completing his Traffic Marshaller course, James secured a role with BAM on the prestigious Farringdon Community Academy project, a significant £35 million contract spanning 18 months. Earning £17 per hour as a Traffic Marshal, James found himself in a stable and rewarding position. His employment not only rejuvenated his career but also brought about substantial improvements in his personal life.

Life Changing Impact

James’s new job had a transformative impact on his financial stability and overall well-being. He proudly shared, “For the first time in years, my bills and mortgage get paid and I still have money left over at the end of the month! I was also able to treat myself to a new car!” These “life-changing wages” provided James with a newfound sense of security, self and pride in his work.

Overcoming Age Barriers

A key aspect of James’s journey is the emphasis on overcoming age-related barriers in the construction industry. He candidly admitted, “I thought construction was closed off to me, due to my age. It was very disheartening. RMF helped remind me of how capable I am and got me back into the industry.” 


James’s glowing endorsements of RMF Training reflect his profound gratitude and satisfaction. He stated, “I can’t fault RMF” and described how he felt, saying “I am really proud of what I am doing now.”

“The comprehensive and supportive environment offered by RMF Training was crucial in helping me regain confidence in my skills and potential.”

Upon further reflection, James described the training as “fantastic” and the service as “second to none.”

If you feel like you can relate to James’ story, or you simply want the opportunity to create a better life for yourself, call 0121 440 7970 or email enquiries@rmftraining.co.uk for more details or to enrol.

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