The CPCS ticket for Forward Tipping Dumper is a highly-sought after qualification by construction companies across the UK.

This course teaches learners the expected standard of operation of the forward tipping dumper, as well as informing operators of the machine’s purposes, capabilities and limitations when used on and off-site. Learners are also informed of the necessary health and safety regulations.

A forward tipping dumper ticket can drive your career forward, moving you on from entry-level labouring jobs to greater on-site responsibilities career progression opportunities.


Learners will know how to operate the full forward tipping dumper chassis and how to drive to the minimum standard for on-site.

Learners will be shown the ancillary equipment available to them and be able to demonstrate the fitting and operation

Learners will know how to site the dumper safely and efficiently, in accordance with the instructions of site traffic marshals.

Learners will be able to correctly assess all machine parts, identify issues and perform servicing if required.

Learners will be able to adequately prepare the machine for travelling safely on the public highway.

Learners will understand the role that the forward tipping dumper is supposed to fulfil in relation to other machinery on-site.

Learners will understand all the health and safety regulations that must be followed when operating on-site

Learners will be able to correctly identify all parts of the machine’s engine and its functionality.


A forward tipping Dumper.

A suitable training and testing area with varying terrain.

A Classroom facility.

Why Train with us?

Learn at an authentic construction site training facility run by us, with real plant machinery and vehicles, led by qualified trainers with extensive construction experience.

Gain an industry-recognised and properly accredited qualification, that is required of site workers and operators to work for high-level employers within construction and infrastructure.

Access job opportunities with our wide-ranging employer network, and always have help on hand to find work at local projects with our Resource Solutions team.

Work with an employability coach after training, who can support you with CV writing, interview preparation, and building your knowledge of construction site culture

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