RMF Success for Paul, Leading the Way for Others

One of MKC OLASS learners, Paul, had been in a cycle of being in and out of prison, with his last sentence starting in March 2014. He had historical issues with drugs and didn’t have much work experience. His experience of prison wasn’t a positive one, describing it as stagnant, mundane and flat, until he became inspired by education. Once Paul joined MKC OLASS education he stated that “The days became more positive and felt good, I was achieving something every day.” His employability tutor said: “Paul had a ‘it is what it is, but I will do what I can to make it better’ attitude.

He put on a brave face, but it was clear he initially lacked confidence and self-esteem. This presented a barrier to understanding what skills an employer would look for and how to present himself in an interview”. At Hewell Grange, Paul got involved in all aspects of education with MKC and he completed multiple courses including; Employability Skills, CV Writing, Developing Self, Mentoring etc. This lead to Paul becoming a key worker in education, after showing great passion and motivation and demonstrating a superb work ethic along with the right mind-set.

After completing his community work, he applied to be considered for the RMF Employment Academy, and was successful. Paul gained a Level 2 Railway Engineering qualification, PTS, CSCS and further tickets. Once eligible, he started his Release on Temporary Licence (ROTL) and worked for RMF Construction during this period on a site in Bristol.

Paul was released from HMP Hewell in June 2016 and continued to work with RMF on the same job. Paul has now been promoted to a supervisor role and is able to pass on to others, his experience by being a role model to other ex-offenders.

Courtesy of Milton Keynes College Employment Academy Newsletter May 2017