Manual Handling Training

This excellent Manual Handling training programme teaches you all you need to know about safe Manual Handling, including lifting techniques, LITE and why safe Manual Handling is so important to your everyday health. Good Manual Handling at Work is important; poor Manual Handling Safety accounts for the majority of work related injuries. Though it’s important to have a good understanding of Manual Handling at work, Manual Handling Safety training isn’t only for warehouse use. It is just as important in everyday situations where a sound knowledge of Manual Handling is beneficial.

Course Objectives

  • To gain knowledge and understanding of the risks to injury manual handling can create.
  • To gain knowledge on how to minimise the risk of injury

Course Content

  • Know the principles of safe manual handling
  • Understand legislation and regulations relevant to manual handling
  • Know how to assess risks in moving and handling objects or clients
  • Know how to reduce risks of harm when moving and handling
  • Be able to carry out safe manual handling technique

Who should attend

  • This course is for any person who is involved in manual handling in the workplace.