Cobra TT

1 Day


Candidates will receive training and instruction on the safe set up and use of the Cobra TT. Candidates will demonstrate correct tie tamping techniques on various sleeper types in preparation for assessment.


  • Correct procedure for placing the Iron Man on the line
  • All safety checks inclusive of brake tests
  • Lifting and sluing of rails
  • Transporting rails

Candidate requirements

  • Candidates are required to bring the following items:

    • Sentinel Card
    • Hi Vi clothing, Top and Bottom (BS EN 471:2003 class 3 dry / BS EN 343: 2003 class 3 wet)
    • Hard Hat (BS EN 397: 1995)
    • Safety Boots (BS EN ISO 20345: 2004)
    • Gloves (EN388: 2003)
    • Safety Goggles (BS EN 166 B)
    • Ear Defence (BS EN 352-1)


  • Candidates Knowledge will be assessed using RMF training academy questions both written and oral. Candidate’s practical ability will be assessed through formal observation.


  • Candidates that are deemed competent will receive a certificate of competence valid for 3 years. Delegates will also be given a card to display their competencies for which tools they can operate prior to the successful completion of this course.