About Us

Our Company

RMF Group was incorporated in the year 2000 and has evolved into more than just a construction company. We are now a national enterprise and provide a multi-service suite consisting of high quality construction services, skilled training and effective labour supply. RMF is dedicated to being socially inclusive whilst working with communities who are systematically blocked from various opportunities.


Our Services

RMF Construction Training Academy specialises in providing a wide range of accredited construction, rail and health & safety related training courses.

RMF construction Services provider of high quality construction from formwork to fit out.

RMF Resource Solutions is a labour agency, specialising in the provision and management of contingent labour to clients operating in safety critical environments.

Why Social Inclusion Matters

Resolving Skills Shortages

The CIPD has found well over half of employers struggle to fill vacancies due to skills shortages. Being more open-minded about who you recruit can help you overcome this.

Societal Benefit

A socially inclusive recruitment process creates a multitude of benefits for local communities and local economies as it reduces unemployment and crime rates whilst also increasing the amount of economically active individuals that are in the community.

Increasing Staff Retention

Employees recruited from disadvantaged groups have demonstrated lower turnover rates than the wider workforce. The higher value placed on having a job for such groups often leads to higher levels of loyalty.

Reducing Staff Absence

Evidence suggests employees who have faced barriers to getting employment tend to have a below-average number of days off work.

Reducing Recruitment Costs

The CIPD has calculated that filling the average vacancy costs around £2,000. Social Inclusion initiatives, where employers work with specialist organisations to take people on from disadvantaged backgrounds can help reduce overheads.

Boosting Corporate Reputation

Providing employment for local people, from all walks of life, enriches the reputation of a company in its local community. It also improves the profile and brand of a company nationally, as it gains public exposure.